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Taxes in Singapore

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Corporate Tax Filing in Singapore
A Guide to Corporate Tax Filing in Singapore (2021 Update)

For corporate tax filing in Singapore, your company must file 2 tax returns. The deadline of each return will be different, based on the financial year end.

Investment Holding Company in Singapore
Income Tax of Singapore Investment Holding Company

The taxation of an investment holding company in Singapore is favorable for both domestic and global investment. There are many ways to reduce the payable tax.

Singapore dividends
6 Most Common Questions about Dividends in Singapore

Individuals are not subject to Singapore dividend tax. However, companies may do so. Learn more about Singapore dividends through these most asked questions.

Learning the Basics: Property Stamp Duty in Singapore

Property stamp duty in Singapore is imposed on documents relating to fixed properties. The tax rates vary according to activities, namely buying or renting

Singapore Property Tax
An Introduction to Property Tax in Singapore

Property in Singapore is taxed based on its annual value and tax rate. There are three types of properties in Singapore with different imposed tax rates.

Tax in Singapore
Understanding the Taxation in Singapore

Tax in Singapore is one of the main reasons why so many foreign individuals and businesses come and invest into the city-state.


Tax Incentives and Reduction in Singapore

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Foreign income tax exemption in Singapore
How to be Exempted from Singapore Foreign Income Tax

Singapore imposes tax on foreign income when it is remitted to the nation. However, exemption from foreign income tax is possible if certain conditions are met.

How to Reduce Income Tax in Singapore
How To Reduce Income Tax in Singapore for Individuals and Businesses

There are many ways to legally reduce income tax in Singapore for both individual taxpayers as well as business entities. Learn more with BBCIncorp.

tax incentives for specific industries in singapore
Tax Incentives for Specific Industries in Singapore

Tax incentives in Singapore may bring you lower rates or even tax exemption. Different industries have different incentives to be offered. Find out here some of the most common ones.

Important Grants for Tech Startups in Singapore
Important Grants for Tech Startups in Singapore

There are many different grants that cover many stages of development of a tech startup in Singapore, from POC and POV to growing capital and going overseas.


Singapore Tax Treaties

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Singapore and India Double Tax Treaty
Summary of The Singapore and India Double Tax Treaty

The Singapore and India Double Tax Treaty was signed to avoids income from being taxed twice. Taxes for different types of income also reduced

Singapore and Australia Tax Treaty
Singapore and Australia Tax Treaty: Avoidance of Double Taxation (DTA)

Singapore and Australia tax treaty prevents income from being taxed twice and it also offers reduced tax rates for a number of specific types of income.

Double tax treaty in Singapore
An Introduction to Double Tax Treaty in Singapore

Double taxation is when the same source of income is taxed twice. To eliminate this unfairness, Singapore is working toward its network of double tax treaties.

Singapore and Indonesia Double Tax Treaty
An Overview of Singapore – Indonesia Double Tax Treaty

The tax treaty between Singapore and Indonesia is a comprehensive agreement that helps rid of double taxation and facilitate the bilateral trade of 2 countries.