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Singapore Work Passes

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Singapore Tech.Pass
Tech.Pass: The Newest Pass in Singapore (Limited Application)

As a Tech.Pass holder, you can do a variety of activities in Singapore. It will be open for application in January 2021 with only 500 places for applicants.

Dependant pass in Singapore
An Overview of Dependant’s Pass in Singapore

In Singapore, the Dependant’s Pass makes way for the holders of other passes to reunite with their family members

Employment Pass in Singapore
Learn about Employment Pass in Singapore

Now that you have obtained a well-paid position in Singapore, getting an Employment Pass is the next step as it is a prerequisite for your relocation.

work permit in Singapore
Understand Singapore Work Permit In 10 minutes

Foreigners wishing to work in Singapore must apply for work permits. The most common ones are Employment Pass, EntrePass, and S Pass, among others.


Singapore PR and Citizenship

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how to get citizenship in Singapore
An Overview of How to Get Citizenship in Singapore

Becoming a Singapore citizen will grant you many exclusive advantages that you can greatly benefit from. Find out how to get citizenship in Singapore.

The Singapore Passport
4 Significant Benefits of Getting Citizenship in Singapore

Singapore citizenship offers you more advantages in buying properties, exclusive healthcare schemes, grants for your future family, and even more.

Benefits from Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident
Significant Benefits from Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident

There are many benefits of Singapore PR: Business and Employment Privileges, Immigration Stability, Many Priorities, or even Citizenship. Find out more.

PR Application in Singapore
Overview of Permanent Residence Application in Singapore

There are various PR schemes to help you become a Singapore Permanent Resident. Learn what the requirements are and how to apply for PR in Singapore.